Investment Science

55 Institutional provides our partner firms the ability to design diverse portfolios using features that reflect state of the art understanding in diversification, risk forecasting and quantitative portfolio construction.

Dynamic Diversification

55 Institutional provides its clients the ability to implement effective diversification across multiple asset classes, regions, sectors and factors. The science helps our users evaluate diverse ways to achieve diversification as well as the time varying benefits and costs of such diversification. The investment platform provides cost efficient and scalable access to multi asset, region, sector and factor exposures.

Risk Forecasting

The investment philosophy at 55 Institutional is based on effective diversification but is also aware of market conditions where even effective diversification has its limits due to the comovement of sub asset classes. In such conditions when sub-asset classes move together, we believe in using cash or cash substitutes to limit downside exposure. 55 Institutional has designed a proprietary measure – the 55 Market Risk Indicator (MRI) – to assess the likelihood of such market conditions to help investors defend their diversified portfolios from significant losses.

Baseline Model Portfolios

The 55 Institutional platform uses these capabilities to help our partner firms design investment strategies across global equities, global bonds, asset allocation, global macro and cash management objectives. Below is a set of strategies designed using the 55 capabilities in these families, and can be used as a starting point for customization.

Asset Class Exposure
  • Strategy
  • Description
  • Equity
  • Fixed Income
  • Alternatives

Tax Technology

Along with dynamic diversification and risk forecasting, one of the key components of the 55 Institutional approach is an awareness to taxes. To this end, 55 Institutional provides its partners access to a sophisticated capability to design tax managed strategies. 55 Institutional’s Approach to Tax Optimization Combines Quantitative Tools and Proprietary Insights.

For many, tax management is either an absent, infrequent, manual or simplistic exercise. 55 Institutional believes tax management is a complex problem and there is value to be had in an ongoing systematic approach to tax optimization that uses a sophisticated approach to portfolio rebalancing in the presence of taxes.

To learn more about 55 Institutional’s approach to active tax management for both 55 Institutional and other ETF portfolios, please review the resources above or write to us at


55 institutional provides a proprietary User Interface that facilitates bespoke portfolio Solutions to Design, Analyze, Customize and Trade Partner Portfolios

Screenshots of our custom portfolio builder tool